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Yamaha THR 10 &THR 5 amps!

Yamaha THR-10C and THR-10X now


Yamaha THR-5A Acoustic Instock


Here at The Music Inn we cannot say enough about this amp! We love it!!!

Incredible tone? Check.
Outstanding effects? Check.
Unbelievable stereo playback sound? Check.
Small enough to fit on a crowded desk or in your carry-on? Check.
Needing your amp to be small and quiet doesn't mean sacrificing tone and feel anymore!


The THR packs in everything you need for an off-stage amp. Real tube amp tone and dynamics, great sound at low volume, genuine hi-fi quality stereo playback and full recording capabilities. Get ready to spend a lot more time playing guitar.

Check it here or download the app to you phone here

THR 5 £169.00

THR 10 £229.00

Limited supply of the New THR 10X and THR 10C JUST IN!

thr range

The Yamaha THR-10X

The THR10X is a high-gain stack amp that brings together the sounds of amps with a reputation for the distortion beloved by many guitarists. Using VCM technology, we have been able to precisely reproduce a sound that is no different in character and to realize even in the home a powerful metallic sound that can satisfy even the most particular of guitarists where distortion is concerned. 
The olive green color adopted for the THR10X's lends this amp a sense of substance.

The Yamaha THR-10C

Targeted primarily at skilled players of blues, jazz, and country music, the THR10C brings together the sounds of top-of-the-range boutique combo amps and legendary vintage amps. Again using VCM technology, we have been able to precisely reproduce even the finest, almost imperceptible points of picking, from the clean to the crunch guitar sound. The THR10C's quality finish will strike a chord with those with experience of the authentic amp sound. The metallic dark navy color adopted for the THR10C's body lends the amp a classy feel.

All Priced at £229.00!


We now have a free 2 year warranty on all our new guitars.


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