• Marshall JVM410H 100watt head (Pre-owned)

The JVM410H is Marshall's current flagship head. It's a 4 Channel amplifier that gives you an almost bewildering array of tones. Thankfully the ultimate versatility is combined with incredible ease of use, so getting to grips with the dearth of modern features at hand is a breeze.

The feature list of the British-built JVM410H is pretty extensive, but includes things like three modes per channel, MIDI, dual master volume, series & series/parallel effects loop, reverb, and a programmable footswitch connected via a standard guitar lead.

Completely Independent Channels
Clean, Crunch, OD1 and OD2, you have complete control over the gain and EQ of each, and each of these then has three switchable modes, with each mode reconfiguring the channel's gain structure this amp has 12 modes in total.

Logical Layout
Whilst the JVM410H's front panel looks a little mind-boggling at first (28 knobs and and 8 switches in total, if you're inclined to count...), its intuitive and logical layout speeds you through finding your tone far more quickly than you might expect.

Quadruple Reverb
Not content with just one reverb setting for everything and a simple on/off, this amp has 4, one per channel. Perfect for a swimmingly cavernous clean coupled right to chunky, staccato rhythm grunt.

Independent EQ
Whilst other amps might give you individual modes or switchable gain stages and call them 'channels', working with shared EQ can sometimes be a tonally sacrificial compromise. Even in beautifully designed amps sometimes you'll find two amazing tones that, for EQ or gain balancing reasons, just won't fit seamlessly together well enough for live use. For this reason the JVM410H gives you 4 completely independent individual channel EQs. With each channel having its very own tone-stack, you can be sure to always find the perfect balance.

Dual Master Volumes,
Not content with just independent EQs, Marshall have also fitted this amp with dual master volumes. Meaning each channel and mode can be set-up with two levels. Perfect for adding a little more oooomph when you're soloing, or adding a little extra level to fill out your rhythm tone.

Marshall's revolutionary Stompware technology basically recalls everything, giving you unprecedented control of your setup, all readily available with quick a toe-tap. The footswitch is configurable as you want it too, so if you want buttons that just change channels and switch the reverb on and off, it'll do that. If, however, you want one switch that'll take you straight to high-gain searing lead, with another that takes you straight back to dry rhythm crunch, and a third that goes to that swimmingly cavernous clean, it'll do that too. The JVM410H basically has an ultimately configurable switching system built-in. And the included six-button footswitch that controls all this connects to the amp using a bog-standard guitar lead. Meaning no more fear of losing or breaking hard-to-replace cables.

Combining some of the finest Marshall sounds, this is the amp for ultimate on-stage switching and surprisingly simple to use all-Marshall tone.

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Marshall JVM410H 100watt head (Pre-owned)

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