• Fender Campion 600 (Pre-owned)

Fender Campion 600 (Pre-owned)

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  • The Fender Champion 600 is an excellent entry point into the realm of tube guitar amplifiers and is great for guitarists of any skill level. Featuring a 6-inch speaker that’s driven by a specially designed driver and ceramic magnet, this deceptively small 5-watt tube amp packs an impressive punch. This amp produces beautiful sounds across all frequencies. The vintage-inspired two-tone design gives the Champion 600 -- also known as the Champ -- a classic look that matches the retro tones that come roaring out of the speaker when it’s played. The tweed color scheme with brown and blonde vinyl gives this amplifier a mid-century modern Fender look.

  • The design is a retro reissue based on a model that was available in the 40s and 50s, and it looks a lot like a vintage television set. It not only looks great, but it produces a distinctive, clean sound.The incredibly easy-to-use console sports high-gain and low-gain inputs as well as volume control. The high and low inputs on the control panel can accommodate different types of pickups on guitars. You can add reverb or other special effects through the use of additional gear like a reverb pedal. The metal on/off switch turns the Champ on and lights up the bright-red jeweled pilot light. A single volume control that goes from 1 to 12 adjusts the single channel with precision.While the Champion 600 combo reaches impressive volume levels on its own, an internal speaker jack allows for the addition of an external speaker cabinet for those instances when you need the guitar's sound to soar through the musical mix.

  • The Champ also makes recording guitar tracks at lower volumes possible. Players who live in apartments or like to practice when family members are at home will appreciate the ability to set the volume low. The lower volume also makes playing smooth jazz a breeze. When you crank up the volume on one of these amps, it produces a crunchy sound that’s just right for playing metal, rock, and grunge.There are two tubes inside the preamp circuit of the Fender Champion: a 6V6 diode rectifier tube and a high gain 12AX7A, which allows the amp to be driven hard with plenty of overdrive. You’ll enjoy the vintage tone you can produce without any pedals when you use these amps. The responsiveness and three-dimensional sound quality of this amplifier will enhance just about any song you play. Playing guitar with a heavy hand will cause the sound to break up when this device is turned up, producing a warm, natural, overdriven sound. This product excels at amplifying the natural sound of the guitar.Overall, the size of the Champ makes it great for practice and home studio use. It’s highly portable with a weight of 15 pounds and product dimensions of 11 inches by 12 inches by 7.5 inches. The simple design makes it easy to use, and the classic styling also adds to the appeal, making this straightforward amp an excellent choice.

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Fender Campion 600 (Pre-owned)

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