Shred Like a Demon on this 8-String Ibanez!

How do you make a heavy metal guitar even more raw? Add a string. Already got seven strings? Try eight. With the Ibanez RGIR28FE Iron Label electric guitar, one of the best metal machines on the market gets a bit lower, with a mind-blowing 8th string. Throw in a solid basswood body, EMG active humbuckers, and you've found the recipe for one wicked axe.

Heavy Metal Heritage

Ibanez RG electric guitars have decades of heavy metal street cred. If you're looking to crack some skulls at your next head-banger, try adding the raw depth of an eighth string to your scales. Dual EMG 808 humbucking pickups -- the first production 8-string pickups ever made -- add that rich fullness to riffs that metalheads crave. In addition to the standard volume knob and 3-way selector switch, the RGIR28FE is equipped with a kill switch that's not only useful for taming a runaway effects loop, but can be utilized for a stunning strobe-like effect too.

One Heck of a Neck

Designing a 27" scale neck for an 8-string electric guitar is no simple task, but that's exactly what Ibanez has achieved with the Nitro Wizard-8 five-piece maple and walnut neck. While understandably wider than your typical lesser-stringed model, the RGIR28FE's neck is thin and sports a large 15.75" fingerboard radius so it's comfortable to play, despite its size in the upper octave. It's also got a sleek polyurethane finish to reduce friction as you're blazing up and down eight strings of glory. And it's reinforced with a titanium truss rod, so can pitch-bend with a brick and it won't bend the neck -- though of course you'd never do that to your 24 unmarked jumbo frets and rosewood fingerboard.


- Eight-string electric guitar
- Dual EMG 808 humbucking pickups
- Contoured RG-style basswood body
- Five-piece Nitro Wizard-8 maple and walnut neck with polyurethane finish and titanium truss rod
- 27" scale rosewood fingerboard with 24 unmarked jumbo frets and 15.75" radius
- Volume knob, 3-way pickup selector switch, and kill switch
- Gibraltar Standard-8 bridge
- Traditional RG-style floating tremolo
- String gauge: .009/.011/.016/.024/.032/.042/.054/.055

Iron Label proves there's more than one way to get to the core. The pedal-to-the-metal RG is known throughout the rock and metal world as a full-bore performer. If it's 7 or 8-strings you need to mount your offensive, trust the guitar builder recognized as "the first in seven, the leader in eight. The Iron Label guitars have upped the stakes in the metal arms race, with 8 strings this beast is a veritable weapon of mass destruction! Paired up with EMG 808 pickups the Iron Label 8 String, full range and full of rage.

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Ibanez RGIR28FE Iron Label 8 String (Pre-Owned)

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