• Takamine GN20CE-NS


A compact NEX-format body with a full, warm sound delivered by a mahogany resonance box with a solid cedar top, whether acoustic or amplified: the Takamine GN20CE-NS. Detailed sound and high playing comfort are combined in this deceptively inexpensive G-Series electro-acoustic. This is a great instrument for serious and beginners or intermediate players on a budget.

Takamine GN20CE-NS: Electro-Acoustic

This steel-string guitar comes with a built-in pickup so it can played on stage or in the studio without the need for awkwardly placed microphones. Despite the slim NEX body, this acoustic guitar is capable of the depth and volume you would only expect to get out of a dreadnought, whether amplified or unplugged.

Electronics and Finish

This cutaway guitar is fitted with a Takamine TP-4TD preamplifier complete with volume controls, a three-band equaliser and a built-in digital tuner. The pin-less bridge design makes string changes effortless while the body and neck is finished in an elegant natural satin for supple playability.

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Takamine GN20CE-NS

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