Fender Super sonic (Pre-owned)

The Squier Super-Sonic is an electric guitar manufactured by the Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, originally marketed under their Squier brand. The design, conceived by former Squier marketing manager Joe Carducci, is said to have been inspired by a photograph in which Jimi Hendrix is pictured playing a Fender Jaguar upside down.

The Super-Sonic features an offset body similar to an upside-down Fender Jaguar or Jazzmaster, but with two humbucker pickups, a three-way pickup selector toggle switch, and a traditional Stratocaster-style six-screw vibrato bridge. Unusually, the Super-Sonic has no tone control and instead has only a volume control for each pickup, wired in reverse with the control closest to the bridge controlling the bridge pickup, and the control farthest from the neck controlling the neck pickup. Like many other Fender offset designs, the Super-Sonic is a short-scale (24 inch) guitar, and also features a 22-fret bolt-on neck with a reversed CBS-style large headstock.

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Fender Super sonic (Pre-owned)

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